Georgia 2017

Georgia 2017

Mi Park
Anna Rowson
Liz Murray
Sam Basu

"Betweenness centrality: Vertices with high betweenness may have considerable influence within a network by virtue of their control over information passing between others. Betweenness centrality differs from the other centrality measures. A vertex can have quite low degree, be connected to others that have low degree, even be a long way from others on average, and still have high betweenness. Consider a vertex A that lies on a bridge between two groups of vertices within a network. Since any path between nodes in different groups must go through this bridge, node A acquires high betweenness even though it is not well connected (it lies at the periphery of both groups) and hence it might not have particularly high values for degree, eigenvector, and closeness centrality."

Unfurling from Georgia’s location on the periphery of Europe and Asia; a point of cultural mish-mashing and exchange, spectres, powers, hosts.

With thanks to :

Wato Tsereteli, Residency Garikula, Jemali and Nineli Japaridze