Georgia 2017

2007 - 2010 archive project

Between 2007 2010, a small, volatile group of international artists (New International School) periodically occupied the ruins of a factory in rural France. Coming together primarily to explore artistic practice and what these might say about the world, their project became an intensive communitarian experiment that attempted to negotiate the shifting landscape of western deindustrialisation and its vacuums. Though based on a progressive model for the Project of Art, their work on questions of limits and horizons lead them to consider the place of melancholie, horror and alienation in an emancipatory conception of Art. Because many of NIS's projects remained unrealised due to the precarity and destruction of the conditions of livability, the NIS left little trace. What is left is an unorganised archive of video and informal photographs.

Research on the NIS will follow a potentially philosophical attunement of the communitarian project of NIS. It will explore the unfolding relational intra-actions of the members of NIS with the factory-site they occupied, the economic shifts that established themselves in the ensuing downturn, and their reflections on Art and diverse subjects such as Horror, Architecture and Withdrawal. This research project evokes a condition of evolving losses that is not to be overthrown or escaped, but rather to be embraced as a defining necessity.